Is Your Website Mobile Optimized?

Smaller firms often struggle just to keep up with maintaining a website. Worrying about a scaled­ down version for mobile users seems like just too much trouble. Today's blog is all about why this matters to you and why should you bother with a mobile version. A bit of background: Mobile sites are versions of [...]

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Password Basics

You can have all the locks on your data center and have all the network security available, but nothing will keep your data safe if your employees are sloppy with passwords. There are many ways data can be breached, and opening some link they shouldn't is one of the most serious security sins employees can [...]

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You’re Fired! Now Give Me Your Password

"You're FIRED!" ( now give me your password) Losing an employee is not usually a good experience. If they leave voluntarily, you lose a valuable asset. If they have to be fired, you have the arduous task of the progressive discipline process and the final termination meeting. But there are other concerns that arise when [...]

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Defense in Depth Part II

Defense in Depth Part II In our last blog we started talking about the different layers of security necessary to fully defend your data and business integrity. Today we will look at the human aspect of it, and network defenses. The human layer refers to the activities that your employees perform. 95% of security incidences [...]

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Defense in Depth Part I

In the 1930s, France built a trench network called the Maginot Line to rebuff any invasion. The philosophy was simple: if you map out all the places an enemy can attack, and lay down a lot of men and fortifications at those places, you can rebuff any attack. The problem is, you can't map every [...]

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Data Security – A People Problem

Phishing Scams – A People ProblemThere are some things that only people can fix. There are many security risks to which your data is susceptible, but there is one method that remains a wonderfully effective hacking tool. That is the phishing scam. This is a legitimate looking email that asks the reader to click on [...]

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