EverSafe Cyber Profile & Protect

Determine the most efficient security strategy for your business.

Before deploying random security tools, you need to understand what your business needs. We scan your IT environment to identify security gaps and provide information to help determine the most efficient security strategy specifically for your business.

The solution combines intelligent profiling and alerting technology with support from our Security Operations Center (SOC), which empowers us to build and enforce end-to-end security policies.

With advanced profiling, risk scoring, and identification of gaps in coverage, we can quickly shine a light on defining security policies.

Key benefits:

  • Address security gaps based on best practices
    Build out a security program to meet your business’ needs should be based on known, proven best practices that can scale to meet your specific needs. Our solution compiles massive amounts of field data and experience to tailor a strategy specifically for you.
  • Alert ready vs alert fatigued
    The right security solution is always on, filters out noise, and informs us only on alerts that need to be actioned. This allows us to focus more energy on providing you optimal service instead of chasing ghosts in the machine.
  • Security and compliance as a growth driver
    Compliance has moved beyond a checkbox and is now a business driver. When implemented properly, you can achieve compliance that is not a burden, but an opportunity.
EverSafe IT Services provides proactive, pervasive security. With advanced endpoint and network security products, dedicated expertise, and hands-on Security Operations Center (SOC) support, you can leave your cybersecurity worries to us while we deliver the protection and peace of mind you need. From risk identification to round-the-clock integrated response and recovery, EverSafe has the right protection to meet your security strategy.

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