Desktop Management

Desktop computers are vulnerable to viruses and other malware. which then spread throughout your organization. Malware is the global term for any unwanted or malicious code with the potential for stealing data and corrupting your software. Even more common than viruses are other types of malware, such as Trojans, worms and adware.

The uptime, efficiency, reliability and security of your desktop computers depend on constant monitoring for malware, a task that can easily overwhelm your resources.

EverSafe desktop managementEverSafe takes the pain out of desktop management by automating desktop monitoring, providing customized inventory and audit reports, using secure remote access to anticipate and correct issues and using Network Attached Storage (NAS) for rapid recovery of the desktop computer from major events. Our sophisticated desktop protocols block malware from your systems without affecting your access to legitimate data.

Our cost-effective, proactive, desktop monitoring guards against spam, phishing attempts, malware and other threats to your desktop computers and prevents disasters from spreading. We provide:

  • Complete software and hardware inventory and auditing capabilities.
  • Anti-virus with automated virus definition updates.
  • Automated Windows patch management and critical operating system updates.
  • Secure remote access to address issues identified through alerts, whether or not the user is present.
  • Image-based backup-in which restores the hard drive is almost instantly.
  • Automated detection of new computers added to the network so they’re quickly under management and desktop maintenance; guest machines can be ignored.

Our monthly fee for desktop management is customized to the services you need and ensures that your IT budget is predictable month after month.

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