Security Assessment

Threats to your security can be internal or external, intentional or unintentional. But the results are the same: information about your company, employees, and customers is at risk. EverSafe IT Services assesses the health of your network protocols; pinpoints areas where your security differs from company, industry and regulatory standards; and provides a security management plan.

Network protocols govern the ways that computers and other devices (mobile, laptop, printers, etc.) exchange information. If there is a problem with a protocol, your network may be open to unauthorized users; you may experience productivity issues as computers compete for resources; and proprietary information may leak out. Because standard protocols have developed over time, your network may be using several complex, interconnected protocols. Problems in just one protocol may make all the others vulnerable.

With EverSafe’s Security Assessment, you gain an overall picture of your security:

  • Controls in place for web browsing, including pornographic, entertainment, and social media sites
  • Availability and security of wireless networks
  • Consistency of your local and network security policies, including assignment of user rights
  • Violations of your policies, including password policies
  • Consistency of lockouts after failed attempts to access an account
  • Access levels of computers, users, and groups to various devices and files

Based on the results of the security assessment, we suggest a Management Plan, prioritized to take care of the highest security risks and those most likely to cause problems, such as:

  • Connections to foreign networks
  • Access to potentially harmful websites and other internet resources
  • Use of protocols known to leak information
  • High level of failed logins, indicating an attempt to access files or resources that the user shouldn’t be accessing

Your EverSafe IT Security Assessment guides you in determining whether the policies you have in place are adequately protecting your information systems. If they are failing in that goal, we can help raise your IT security to the next level and beyond.

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