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Businesses face the harsh reality of hackers, scammers and malware producers, phishing scams, spam for instant messaging (SPIM), and email-based virus attacks, all of which make their networks vulnerable and hinder productivity.

EverSafe provides email, instant messaging, and web protection for your entire network. Our tools are prepared to monitor any network device including firewalls, routers, switches UPS and printers. We monitor your network 24/7 for attempts at unauthorized access, link latency, packet loss, availability, traffic, bandwidth utilization, CPU load, events, memory and disk space and similar parameters.

Our network security prevents unauthorized access, misuse, or modification of your systems while allowing authorized employees to have efficient and safe access to information and applications. Our network security also complies with ever-changing industry standards and government regulations: even the most regulated industries, such as legal, financial, and healthcare, are given the tools to ensure security and confidentiality. You receive comprehensive reports in the format you want: hourly, daily, or weekly, as line, bar, or pie distributions.

Our monitoring tools configure traps for significant events (such as simple network management protocol (SNMP) events) and send alerts when traps are received. We build intelligence into our remote monitoring software by documenting the resolution of any events and then incorporating that information into the software to expedite its response to future events.

EverSafe helps companies secure and protect their networks through email, instant messaging and web protection that includes:

  • Constant monitoring of traffic
  • Individual settings that can be customized for spam level (5 categories of filters), approved and blocked senders, appropriate and inappropriate websites and notification timelines
  • Email encryption and secure archiving
  • Customizable instant messaging access policies, monitoring, filtering and archiving
  • Spooling of mail in the event of a mail server outage
  • Finance and legal industry-specific heuristics to identify legitimate email and reduce falsely quarantined messages
  • Global settings that adhere to company policies
  • Automatic and seamless updates and upgrades against the latest threats.

We keep your budget manageable and predictable by providing the services you need at a set monthly fee.

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