Strategic Planning

IT should be a business enabler. It should help you achieve your goals more efficiently, communicate more effectively and give you a competitive advantage. Is your current technology working hard for you?

If you have doubts about the short- or long-term fit between your IT and your business, it may be time to consult with EverSafe IT on developing a strategic plan. Any strategic plan has two main components: identifying future needs and determining how to meet them.

In today’s environment of tightening resources and rapid change, IT is critical to meeting your organization’s goals on budget, on time, and with fewer people. EverSafe can help you align your IT with your organization’s overall mission, improve communications between IT and the rest of your organization, and expand your resources with affordable solutions.

The basic steps in formulating an IT strategic plan are to:

  1. Decide what you wish to achieve.
  2. Decide how technology can help you reach those goals.
  3. Compare your IT plans to what other companies are doing (your competitors, others in your industry) to identify strengths, weaknesses and options that you may have overlooked.
  4. Ask all stakeholders questions like the following:
    • Will any proposed technology change be easy for you to implement and use?
    • Will the technology give staff the connectivity they need and the tools to collaborate, complete their work and meet their objectives?
    • Is the proposed technology compliant with best practices and regulations? Is it consistent with your mission, values and goals?
    • Will the proposed technology support the organization’s current and future marketing plans and messaging? Will it attract your key audience (employees, customers)?
    • How well do legacy applications fit with the new technology? Will they need to be replaced or upgraded?
    • How will the IT strategic plan be developed and implemented: with in-house resources or consultants?
  5. Assign responsibility, work up a timeline and set up communications.
  6. Consider how you will evaluate success or failure (ROI).

With decades of experience in IT and a firm handle on the latest innovations, EverSafe IT helps you create a strategic plan for safeguarding information, reaching customers on their favorite devices, improving productivity and achieving your most critical business goals.

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