Office 365

Your business is everywhere: on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Microsoft Office 365Office 365 lets you run your business from everywhere: create, store, view, share, edit and protect your data from anywhere, at any time, and on virtually any device. Your software and services are in the cloud: available with authorization from any device with internet service.

With Office 365 and EverSafe in your corner, you have the tools you need to keep data exchanges efficient, cost-effective and secure in the cloud:

  • Business-class email
  • Shared calendar and contacts
  • Familiar Office suite
  • Office online
  • OneDrive® File Sharing
  • Teams and SharePoint®
  • Sync data across all devices
  • Corporate collaboration tools
  • Integration with Intermedia applications

Want to Know More About Office 365?

Security is an important part of Office 365. If a mobile device is lost, you can wipe it remotely and require additional identity verification. With standardized tools across devices, your employees don’t have to remember (and carry with them) different log-ins for different devices, increasing both security and access. Your communications are protected wherever you are working, from any device.

Business continuity and productivity are ensured through cloud benefits like geo-redundancy. If a server in one location is affected by a hardware outage or natural disaster, its role is immediately and seamlessly taken over by a server in another location. Because all your applications are synchronized and stored in the cloud, your data cannot be lost—if one device fails, you can access your data from another device, including contacts, calendars, documents and more.

Our standard monthly fee for Office 365 ensures that you have predictable costs along with reliable service.

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