Mobile Device Management

Does your company have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy? Does your company have a mobile strategy that covers mobile devices, whether or not they are company owned and authorized? How much control do you need over the onsite or offsite use of mobile devices by your employees?

Your company’s data may be jeopardized by employees who do not understand and are not prepared to guard against the risks presented by mobile devices. Cyber attacks and malware can enter a mobile device through any questionable application or transaction, whether personal or business, and then spread throughout your organization. Sensitive information on a lost or stolen mobile device is open to anyone who knows how to circumvent passwords or manual deletions.

EverSafe’s mobile device management (MDM) solution ensures that your organization’s data is secure on both personal and company-owned mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and androids. We respect the separation of personal and company data, while enforcing compliance with your company’s mobile policies. We align your mobile devices with HIPAA, PCI, FISMA, and JCB compliance. We help ensure data security while keeping information flowing.

Mobile device management upholds your mobile policies by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with your existing email platform (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office 365)
  • Setting device restrictions on features, applications and content ratings
  • Detecting and restricting jail broken and rooted devices
  • Deploying real-time compliance rules
  • Using geo-fencing rules to enforce location-based compliance
  • Managing over-the-air configuration of email, calendar and contact profiles
  • Distributing and managing company approved applications
  • Selectively wiping corporate data when necessary, leaving personal data intact
  • Remotely locating, locking and wiping lost or stolen devices
  • Decommissioning devices by removing company data
  • Detailing hardware and software inventory
  • Providing configuration and vulnerability reports
  • Managing mobile expenses for real-time data usage.

Together we’ll plan how EverSafe can best meet your IT needs and budget so that you have predictable month-to-month costs and service.

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