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Your IT Services Provider in the Boston MA – Manchester NH area

We Offer:

IT Managed Services

You need reliable, secure, regulatory compliant IT to keep your company up and running. EverSafe acts as your full-scale IT team in your increasingly complex IT environment.

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

Before disaster strikes, before your business continuity is compromised, EverSafe protects you with full cloud replication and instant offsite virtualization.

Cloud Services

EverSafe Cloud comprises any combination or level of Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and the Compliant Cloud.


Our experienced and innovative IT professionals leverage best-in-class industry software and applications to create a seamless and transparent service environment, as an extension of your own operations.

Your IT & Cybersecurity Services Provider in the North Central MA - Manchester NH area

EverSafe is your go-to resource for IT, security, compliance, cloud and consulting services. Our team is your team.

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