Infrastructure as a Service

Growing Beyond the Limits of Onsite Hardware

Whatever your industry, including manufacturing, financial, education, healthcare and retail, you gain stability, control and worldwide productivity with EverSafe’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

IaaS takes your server and related hardware offsite and into the cloud. It replaces ever-increasing capital costs for equipment with an infinite number of virtual machines that are ready on demand to provide the computer power, memory and storage you need right now. Certified engineers oversee this reliable, redundant and secure infrastructure.

With EverSafe’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), you benefit from:

  • Hardware that never goes out of date and is scalable up or down immediately, without the delays caused by procurement, licensing and installation.
  • The ability to move applications and workloads without having to fully reconfigure network settings.
  • Greater redundancy and secure storage in SAE 16 SOC I Type II data centers. You have the option of replicating data to a second data center in another geographical location.
  • Your choice of shared, dedicated or hybrid solutions so that each aspect of your business is in the most suitable environment.
  • Customizable speed, memory, replication and recovery options to keep your environment at the utmost productivity without over-buying.

When you take your infrastructure off premises and into the cloud, you free your valuable IT resources to concentrate on the strategic goals that lead to business success. You gain higher reliability, higher security (both physical and network) and faster recovery from minor crises and major disasters.

EverSafe’s Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) works seamlessly with our Software as a Service (SaaS) and Compliant Cloud solutions. Combine them at the level of service that meets your specific requirements. With EverSafe’s cloud services, your costs are controlled while your company takes wing.

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