HIPAA Compliance

What’s your first protection against threats to sensitive medical information? Knowledge.

Do you know what systems, policies and procedures are necessary to conform to the HIPAA Security Rule? Do you know how well you measure up in areas such as password management, protection against malicious software and limitations on physical access to electronic information systems? Do you know the severity and level of risk in each area so that you can prioritize your response?

EverSafe’s HIPAA Compliance audit tells you how your policies and procedures stand up against those mandated by HIPAA regulations. We show you exactly where your IT systems and electronic health protected information (ePHI) may be vulnerable. We prioritize risks and suggest ways to reduce them.

HIPAA regulations require that all healthcare and medical businesses, including private medical and dental offices, nursing homes and billing agencies, periodically conduct a comprehensive risk analysis of ePHI. EverSafe’s HIPAA Compliance audit meets that requirement.

EverSafe evaluates your IT systems for HIPAA-related problems like the following:

  • Keeping short password histories, which allow users to rotate through a set of known passwords, thus compromising password protection
  • Not turning on or not updating anti-spyware and virus software
  • Not backing up computers with electronic personal health information (ePHI)
  • Using USB drives, which increases the risk of data loss through theft

Because EverSafe IT is a full-service managed it, security & compliance, cloud and IT consulting company, we understand how to recognize, evaluate, prioritize and respond to potential HIPAA violations. EverSafe’s team is ready to help you understand the regulatory requirements, how well your procedures and policies fit the HIPAA mandates and the options available to safeguard electronic protected health information—and your company.

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