EverSafe IT Brings New Level of Managed IT

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  EverSafe IT Brings New Level of Managed IT to
SBIA: “Like We Are Their Only Customer”
  By Sharon Bailly, TWP Marketing & Technical Communications
“I wanted someone who cared
about my business as much as I care about my business….
EverSafe IT treats us like we
are their only customer.” DON
“Vast Improvement with EverSafe”

  • Fewer issues
  • Faster response
  • Less downtime
  • Higher productivity
  • Stronger employee
    confidence in system

“When you have an outage, you
want someone to respond right
away, not six hours later. EverSafe
IT was the right choice…. They are
who they say they are.” DON
EverSafe IT Services

  • Managed IT services
  • Backup & disaster recovery
  • Cloud services
  • IT consulting
  • Business continuity

  Customers of financial, healthcare, and other highly regulated companies expect fast, caring, informed, and secure service. And that’s exactly what the companies themselves expect from their managed IT services provider.

Don Malette, President of Strategic Benefits & Insurance Advisors (SBIA) in Bedford, New Hampshire, says it best: “I interviewed IT firms for four to six weeks, of all sizes. I wanted someone who cared about my business as much as I care about my business. I wanted experience, knowledge, helpfulness-but above all, they had to care. EverSafe IT treats us like we are their only customer. We feel like they consider us a major component of their success.”

SBIA advises large and small companies throughout New England on benefits, insurance and HR strategies, and helps them stay on top of compliance, liability and workplace issues. To keep connected to their clients and deliver true value in an ever‐changing marketplace, SBIA requires reliable, trustworthy IT service.

SBIA’s search for a new managed IT services provider began over frustration with their previous provider. “We didn’t feel like a priority for them,” Malette recalls. “Most New Hampshire companies are under 20 employees, like us. We prefer to do business with people who know what it is to build a business. EverSafe understands that my company cannot run without IT and that I need happy employees and customers.”

Going Above & Beyond

EverSafe began by taking charge of some problems that SBIA had suffered for years. For example, SBIA connected to the internet through a cable company who claimed to have no responsibility for repeatedly dropped or interrupted calls. EverSafe ran a series of sophisticated tests, compiled the results, and showed where and why the cable company was at fault. On the day that a team finally arrived to fix the problem onsite, they found EverSafe ready to work hand-in-hand to solve the issues once and for all.

EverSafe also made sure that settings by IP, VPN, email, software and other vendors were correct and remained correct. Those vendors often change their protocols or setups without telling anyone. SBAI’s staff complained that services worked fine one month only to become problems the next month. EverSafe’s fast, informed response means fewer surprises for SBIA.

Malette says, “Our IT services provider charged us a retainer and an hourly charge and they still only managed to have our systems work half the time. We’ve noticed a vast improvement with EverSafe. They are who they say they are.”

Planning for the Future

Rick Bonito, President of EverSafe IT, stresses the importance of responding quickly and professionally to customer issues and taking ownership.“We catch most issues early in the game before they cause visible problems. We’re proactive, with 24/7 service.”

For example, disasters that threaten business continuity-fire, earthquake, hurricane, floods-are rare. As a result, the same businesses that strictly protect data may overlook nature’s threats to equipment and programs. EverSafe IT takes the wider view.

As Bonito explains, “We create an image of everything on our client’s computers, encrypt it and install it on the cloud. We can replicate the client’s total environment in minutes, and employees can work from anyplace on any device until the company’s facilities are safe. A couple years back, this region suffered multiple lightening strikes that kept some companies’ technology infrastructure out of business for weeks. Under those conditions today, EverSafe’s business continuity plan would have them up and working again in hours.”

Behind the scenes, EverSafe provides business continuity, managed IT, disaster recovery, consulting and vendor support, giving companies like SBIA-and their customers-not only uninterrupted service but also complete confidence in the security of their confidential information.

Remote or Onsite Service

EverSafe works remotely wherever possible to avoid disrupting the client’s workplace. But when someone is needed on site, they are there fast.

From the beginning of his search for a managed IT services company, Malette was impressed with EverSafe’s responsiveness. “Rick was the only person who answered my first phone call-and it was eight o’clock at night. When you have an outage, you want someone to respond right away, not six hours later. EverSafe IT was the right choice.”

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