EverSafe Dark Web Protection

Understand your business exposure on the Dark Web.

Cybercriminals organize themselves on the Dark Web, planning and exchanging tools and information that enable and propel attacks against businesses of all sizes. But you can get the upper hand and understand if there are activities being plotted against your business by getting informed about the leading indicators of an impending attack: leaked credentials.

By leveraging dark web reporting from EverSafe, your business will know which accounts and credentials are at risk of being used in an actual attack on your business email, website, internal network, desktops, and laptop devices. Don’t become the next victim to cyber attackers. Know what your dark web risks are today!


Key benefits:

  • Reduced risk of account takeover, business email compromise, and live hack
    With deep insight into which business accounts are on the dark web and the duration of exposure, you can understand how much risk your business will endure and what you need to do in order to prevent a complete account takeover or business email compromise that could have significant financial losses resulting from it.
  • Improved password policy awareness for both business and personal safety
    Our technology not only surfaces the accounts that have been leaked but the credential (password). In so doing, you can assess the efficacy of your password policy and inform the impacted staff of a need to adhere to the corporate password policy.
  • Improved awareness of threat actors and dark web activity
    By utilizing your domain as part of the dark web search for stolen credentials, we can get maximum coverage of business accounts on the dark web. In addition, we can surface the breach source and timeframe for when the account was stolen and then enable you to better understand the impact of the breach to your business and what you should be doing to prevent these threat actors from utilizing these stolen accounts.

Key features

  • Identify Business Accounts Available On The Dark Web
    Our Dark Web report offers detailed visibility into your business accounts that are in circulation on the Dark Web. The report uses the latest technology to include the email address, credential (unencrypted password), date credential was stolen, and the source of the theft (i.e. breach). We take care of the hard part of sifting through the dark web records in order to refine your cybersecurity strategy to keep you focused on your business.
  • Continuous Detection of Credential Theft
    Our solution provides always-on detection of credentials leaked or stolen that appear on the dark web. By including real-time visibility we can help you stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals that want to take over your network, install ransomware and extort sensitive client records. We always sleep with one eye to the dark web so you can sleep peacefully.
  • Support Password Policy Awareness or Both Business and Personal Safety
    By enabling client password visibility you can quickly determine which accounts are not abiding by the password policy which not only can help bolster better password practices at work but also better aware of the need to keep separate passwords from personal accounts.

How we do it better

  • 24×7 continuous monitoring of the dark web for activity containing your business accounts.
  • Immediate identification of all business accounts stolen and/or for sale on the dark web.
  • Recommendations on security architecture to prevent attacks based on stolen credentials.

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