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Data sharing is necessary for your business. But if just one person in your company relies on consumer-grade file share applications, then your company data is not safe. Banning consumer-grade file share and synch applications seldom work; you have no way to track compliance on every employee-owned device in every location.

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Unlike other applications on the market, CloudShare gives you total administrative control over how, when, and where your files are being transferred between devices. EverSafe Cloudshare synchronizes and shares data on multiple devices with:

  • Military-grade, 448-Bit Blowfish, encryption, and two-factor authentication. Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest in the cloud, with SSL to ensure secure data transfers.
  • Limits and controls over which devices are permitted to sync. You can completely audit file syncs and changes; remotely wipe the data from devices that are lost or stolen, and monitor and manage how employees are using their mobile devices.
  • Easy collaboration. Multiple authorized people can access and share a folder and its contents through phones, tablets, and computers. Anytime a file changes on your Team Share, everyone will get updated instantly on every device. Share files and folders with anyone, not just other EverSafe CloudShare users, with one click of the mouse. When sharing files with outside parties, you can add expiration dates, track downloads, and include messages.
  • Tracking from start to finish. EverSafe CloudShare stores deleted and changed files. Easily download or restore deleted files or previous versions from as far back as you need to restore previous versions or deleted files.
  • Passcode locks for mobile devices and remote wipe so your data remains secure even if a device is lost or stolen.
  • No worries about support. EverSafe IT Services or your own trusted administrator manages all of your accounts from one central dashboard.

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Our standard monthly fee for EverSafe Cloudshare ensures that you have predictable costs along with reliable file synchronization services.



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