Business Continuity

Businesses need to guard against a wide variety of threats to uptime and employee productivity. Fires, floods, and other natural disasters can destroy an office location, bringing business operations to a halt. More commonly, a major computer hardware failure can knock out access to critical servers and applications for days or weeks, causing productivity, sales and service to suffer while critical systems are brought back online.

Fortunately, recent technology advancements have brought business continuity services in reach for small and large businesses alike. No matter the business disruption, new cloud computing advancements now make it possible for businesses to recover critical servers and applications in the cloud in minutes or hours, not days or even weeks.

EverSafe IT is expert at:

  • Evaluating how different IT losses will impact your business, from the loss of a single server to the destruction of an entire location.
  • Developing recovery strategies, including identifying the latest technical solutions.
  • Setting up a recovery plan that meets your management, budget and productivity goals.
  • Selecting and implementing the technologies that expedite disaster recovery without compromising the security and regulatory compliance of your systems.
  • Testing the recovery plan, procedures and technologies in advance to make sure your business will be up and running after a disaster, as quickly as possible to meet your goals.

By planning in advance, EverSafe helps minimize the effect of a disaster on your business. If a disaster does occur, the EverSafe team is available 24/7/365 to respond fast with best-in-class advice, services and support.

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